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About Us


Allow me to introduce myself and our remodeling firm. My name is Rob Wright and I have been around the construction trades most of my life. My father, Bob, first registered as a contractor in 1978 and I worked for him off and on through the years. In 1989 he bought the local Four Seasons Sunrooms franchise and focused his business more on room additions filled with natural light.

I came on board full time in 1990, fresh out of Eastern Washington University with a Business Management degree. I was just the boss’s kid at first, making waves because I hadn’t earned my place yet and asking everyone I met a thousand questions because I wanted to know how everything worked. I spent a lot of time in the field and learned a wide variety of remodeling skills. I loved (and still do) creating things, and especially figuring out difficult challenges. My role eventually settled as project manager for the company, having responsibility for all of the field work. I also took over some of the office work and began to learn that side of the business. My father retired and a brother helped me run the business for a few years. Now, 30+ years later, I own the company and my two sons work for me, with an eye on eventually owning the business together.

I think the family-owned aspect of Wright Brothers is important. Everyone here will treat your home like it is their own. We work hard to minimize the impact that the job has on your daily life. We clean up every day and do extra cleaning before the weekend. We communicate so that you know what is going on and what to expect next. We don’t start a job until we are ready to work it every day until completion. We know that know our jobsite is your home and we are excited to be building your dream.

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